Do you finish at the finish line, OR stop just short?

Hey guys and girls.

WOW, what a week!!!!  4 Days, 48 sessions. Rocking great time at the studio today.  Not only that, but we also had out Fit Camps NZ Fitness test.  For those that don’t know, our teams do the following:

1km run

600m run

200 rum

1 minute MAX Burpees

All are timed and the appropriate rest periods are given between each run.

I had 18 team members there this morning, and everyone exceeded my expectations after only 6 weeks of hard work.  I was really impressed with their team work in supporting each other, as well as watching their competitive nature take over and gun it from start to finish.

So from all of that, here is a question I ask you.  If you are training, and you see the finish line, or you see a cone that you have turn AROUND.  Do you go hard all the way or turn around that cone?  OR are you one of those people that see’s the finish line and pulls up just short and strolls over, or one of those people that sees the cone, and instead of running around it, sort of cuts the corner?

If you are one of the later.  Here are my thoughts on the type of person you may be:

  • Someone who cuts corners in their job
  • Someone who doesn’t really believe or achieves their goal
  • Someone who not only take shortcuts, but would rather take the easy option out, than take things head on
  • Someone who I could not trust!

Now you’re probably thinking, “Shit Chief, thats a bit harsh”.  Sometimes in my line of profession, the best motivation is a swift kick in the ass.  Team, in order for us to be the best we can be, and I am not asking you to be extreme elite athletes here! What I am saying is that in order for YOU to achieve any of YOUR goals, you have to do the following:

  • Know exactly what it is you want
  • Have a plan in place to do it
  • and be disiplined to achieve it.

If you take short cuts, the chances of you succeeding lessen the more you do it.

So team, get out there and do the work, eat to fuel the body with great fuel, and NEVER EVER EVER QUIT

The Chief

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