Forever; Being FIT is for LIFE

What does being fit mean to you?

Is it running a marathon?  Doing a triathlon or a coast to coast event? Competing in a Cross Fit Regional and World Games?  OR is it just being able to walk up a flight of stairs and not have a heart attack?  To me, it is about being fit to do all the things I love and also inspire family, friends and clients into leading a fitter, healthy lifestyle.

So I again, I ask you this; What is being FIT mean to YOU?

You should really know the answer already.  And if you don’t, you better find it FAST.

The reason why I have asked this question is that during the past week, I have had several conversations with people at the studio, at boot camp and out and about in the local area.  One of the themes of these chats I have had was that there are people who are out there, whom simply make excuses for not being fit, and that they had not been fit there whole lives, so why would they start now.  Excuse me, but WTF?  That is not a good reason at all!  Can you honestly say that you would rather just sit down, feel lazy, lethargic and not care about your own health?  Again I say WTF?

Now I am not saying that you have to be a lean, mean, ripped person with visible abs, cut chest and legs that show go BANG.  More that I want you to feel like you have a tone of energy to get through the day.  You can go out and enjoy this amazing country of ours and EXPLORE it.  Can you say you have been up and visited places like the Waitakeres, The Ranges, The Sounds, 90 Mile beach?

To me, being FIT is about making it an important part of my life.  ALWAYS.  It is as important as going for regular check ups at the doctor, seeing the chiropractor, even brushing your teeth!  All important things we do every day/week or year and we never miss it.  So why do we not make being FIT an important part of our lives liker everything else?

Being FIT is a state of mind.  Our actions speak volumes in what and how our next generation does in the future.  If our kids see us slob out on the couch, eat take out EVERYDAY, smoke, drink or take drugs.  Not get out and be active, then guess what we are teaching our next generation?  “Hey it is great to be a sloth”.  Currently this generation of our kids are fatter, lazier and more prone to illness and injury than ever.  Why?  Its because we as their leaders/parents and mentors have let them down.

What can we do?

Simply really.  Get off the couch and get MOVING!!!!!  Even if it just to the letter box and back.  To the end of the road and back.  Just get off the couch and get MOVING.  There are no magic potions out there for it.  No social cream to make you thin.  No secret to it really.

Eat for health, Move to live, and live the life you deserve to live.

Here is to happy life.

The Chief

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