Here are some brutal workouts for you. Not for the faint hearted

Hey team.

For those that think they are “Strong and tough and super fit”, then try these 5 super workouts:

Workout 1

10 x 10 reps of burpee chin-ups (30 sec rest between each set)

Workout 2

8 x Dips

8 x Chinups

8 x Dead lifts at 80kgs

1x 400m run.

Do this 8 times

Workout 3

Working within 80% of your 1RM (1 Rep max) do the following:

2x bench press

3 x deadlifts

4 x bar squats

repeat for 5 sets, no rest between each set.  Make sure you are doing correct technique at all times

Workout 4

You will need either a to mark out a 50m sprint area on a beach.

20 x 50m sprints.  Only 10 second rest between each set

Workout 5

500 m on the rower

400m on the tread mill

max press ups

3 times through.  No rest

Happy workouts

The Chief.

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