A crazy workout week to shed weight FAST

Here is a workout week for you to have a crack at if you want to lose weight ASAP

Definitely one where you will be tested, but get through it, you will be FIT, FAST and LIGHTER


Sprint Training:

Warm up

3-5 minute light jog Stretch


Set up a 20m shuttle and a 40 m shuttle

6x 20meter shuttle sprints.  Repeat 6 times (15 second rest between each set)

4 x 40 meter shuttle sprints.  Repeat 6 times (25 seconds rest between each set)

Tabata 20 meter sprints (Run between the cones for 20 seconds, then have a 10 second rest) repeat 8 times

Tabata 40 meter sprints (Run between the cones for 20 seconds, then have a 10 second rest) repeat 8 times

Stretch and cool down

At night EVERY night, do the following compulsory exercises:

30 press ups (Chest to the floor)

30 Squats (Hamstring below the knee joint)


Warm Up

Running on the spot 3 minutes

Weights workout: LEGS and PUSH

Bar Squats

1x 12 reps @ 60% intensity

1x 8-12 reps @85% intensity

Super set Leg Press @ 200 kg’s + Max reps till failure

100m x DB lunge walk 10kg’s for females and 20kg’s for males

Bench Press

1x 12 reps @ 60% intensity

1 x 8-12 reps @ 85% intensity

Super set Tricep dips to failure for females.  For males, DB press @ 15kgs till Failure (Heavier if you can handle 8+ reps)

100m Walking Press ups @ bodyweight

Finish off with a  15 minute row on the rowing machine.  Aim for 3 km+


10 km run finish off with

100 press ups (chest to the floor)

100 squats (Hamstring below knee joint)

50 Assisted or un assisted chin ups


Sprint Training

10 x 100m sprints (20 second rest at the end of each sprint and go again)

5 x 50 m sprints (10 second rest and go again)

Tough Guy and Girl Circuit

You will need a tyre for this Males 80+ kg’ss and Females 50kg’s

10 x 50 meter tyre flips with 5 jump squats onto the tyre after each flip

Once at the end of each 50 meters, 25 press ups with hands on the tyre


Pull weights session

Bar Rows 1 x 12 reps of 60 % Intensity

1 x 8-12 reps at 85 % Bar rows

Super set with DB Rows to failure on 3 different weights  Start with the heaviest one and aim for 8 reps.  Once you have done 8+ then move to the second weight.  Follow the same sequence for the third set.

Deadlift 60kg’s to failure, Cable row @ 70% intensity to failure .  Do this 3 times through.


2 x 5km runs with 5 minute rest between runs.  Aim to be within 2 minutes of the first run.


Tabata workout

8 x 20 second rounds with 10 second rest between each round.

Press ups

Squat jumps


Mountain climbers

Tricep Dips

Split lunges

Key points to remember:

When lifting, make sure you follow here rules:

  • Range of movement
  • Posture
  • Stability
  • Load
Keep hydrated throughout the week and keep your energy up always
Eat healthy ALL THE TIME
Keep stretching even after the workouts

Good luck

The Chief

Lift, Rest, Eat, Sleep REPEAT






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