What’s new and up and coming………..

Hey my fine looking friends.

It has been a while since I posted and I thought I had better get in here and update you all on what is happening in the world of CEO Abe………….which will soon be changing.

“What” you say?

Well over the last two weeks, I have been busy, working like a madmen on doing goals and planning my future and the future of YOU.  Like all great things, you have to evolve, and that is what I am currently doing right now!

What am I evolving into?????  Well you will have to wait and see, but lets just say, the work I have doing with Evolving Brands has been very exciting and I must say, I think you will just as excited by it all as well.

What else?  

My goal and mission in life is to share the joy and great benefits of what being FIT is really about.  To me, it is not how ripped you are, or how much muscle you have, or whether you can lift the most weight, or run the fastest marathon.  To me, it is about making sure the body we have is Healthy, Fit, Functional, and FAST.  No point in having ripped abs, when you run 20 m and you are our of energy or Vice versa, being so over weight, that you find it hard just to lift your feet to move.

We all brush our teeth every day, because we know that if we don’t, we will get bad teeth, they will rot and fall out, and then we look terrible.  So why would we do that to our whole body!!!!!!!!!  My goal is get everyone fit and exercising everyday.  Even if it is just 20 minutes a day of dedicated activity, you will be surprised at how great you will feel.

So team, with that said, here are my goals for the next 18 month:

  • Write my first book (Scary huh).
  • Online training program system up and running.
  • Grow REDEMPTION into a successful and charity giving event that attracts 100+ competitors to each year.
  • Dedicate my life to the “Art of Fitness” .  To me, Fitness is an art form, which uses the human body to move and figuratively paint a picture.
  • Exercise every day for 20 minutes.  To help you all, I need to set the example.

So team, the next 18 months is very exciting.  So strap in and enjoy the ride.

Much love.

The Chief

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7 thoughts on “What’s new and up and coming………..

  1. Hi Chief
    Wow love your goals good on you. I’ve just started your fit camps and personal training with Big Dez. It its amazing in just 4 sessions I feel like a new women. The motivation is awesome. First time ever I think I will actually succeed so thank you for creating and founding and incredible establishment.

  2. To evolve continually is wonderful – and even more wonderful when you bring others on your journey with you. Love it Chief………. and I REALLY look forward to the next 18 months. Arohanui :o)

  3. I am extremely excited about the first book, I have been waiting and will be one of the first in line to buy it.. Go you Didje

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