The Battle Commenced

The get together at the end

Well the first battle between Arena in Hamilton and FCNZ from Auckland was conducted on 16 Feb 2013 at “The Gardens” in Hamilton City. 12 FCNZ peeps made their way over the Bombay’s and went toe to toe with the … Continue reading

Stretching makes you better in bed……


Did the tittle get ya? Well it is true actually.  There are three important and crucial elements in being fit and healthy: Strength.  Being strong, gives you strong bones and body, and helps decrease the build up of fat. Stamina. … Continue reading

Why Goals are Important

Bootcamp pic

Hey team. Happy NY to you all :) As with every year, you no doubt have gone through and added in or reviewed your goals for the year.  So I thought I would share with an extract from Kerry Spackman’s … Continue reading

Open letter to my peeps


Hey there This is an open letter to my clients.  To all my past and present friends of the studio and Fit Camps.  It is a letter of thanks for everything you have done for me over the year.  So … Continue reading

At Home Gym under $50, What you need!


Hey team. A few people have been asking me questions on what they should get for their “at home gym“.  When I have given them some options, they have been like “man that is too expensive”.  “so much gear”, “It … Continue reading

Well done to those who did the Auckland Marathon!

Auckland Marathon

Hey team. Who got up early and watched, yelled, screamed and clapped their support to friends, family, husbands, wives, children or even random people in Auckland this morning?? Well if you did, were you just as amazed as I was … Continue reading

Ab Circle Pro is a FRUAD


Hey ya team. Did anyone read the Sunday Herald today?  If you have it, check out page 23.  It has an article about the “Ab Circle Pro System” and that its promise of losing 5 kg in 10 days is … Continue reading

You have to do the little things to be great

The Chief fitness Motivation

  Hey all. I hope we have been well over the last several weeks?  You would of noticed I have been quiet on here for a while.  I have been busy planning, re-learning and re-enegizing myself to get ready to … Continue reading

FITOCRACY. If you are serious about exercise, you need to get this app


Hey my fine exercise friends. How is everyone today?  I hope you have all been out and about, doing your training and achieving what you need to? I want to share with you a cool little app you can get … Continue reading

This is an amazing story of determination and shear guts. Janine Service is our guest this week and shares her amazing story!


My Story.   The day I stopped exercising my body started retaliating I have always been a real sugar fiend – and although I eat  well, and not too keen on takeaways, I am a sucker for anything sugary… chocolate, … Continue reading